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Parenting Plan Builder provides automation of parenting plans for family law professionals, including: 


  • Family Law Attorneys
  • Court Systems
  • Non-Profits
  • Mediators
  • Child Specialists


No!  Parenting Plan Builder is month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time.


There is no setup fee for our regular users! The exception would be if you have very specific requirements and would like a fully customized parenting plan, in which case we'd be glad to talk about what this might cost.


Yes!  You can sign up for a free Parenting Plan Builder trial by clicking 'Free Trial' in the upper right corner. No credit card required.


Parenting Plan Builder and related company were both founded by Forrest Collins.  Forrest is a licensed (and practicing) family law attorney and mediator in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Forrest is assisted by his paralegal, Noah Zimmerman, who has been in the legal industry for over a decade.


No!  PPB is an online document automation service and not a law firm.  PPB produces editable first drafts of your parenting plans.  It is the subscribers responsibility to review, update and approve the final draft of every parenting plan produced using PPB.