How It Works

Parenting Plan Builder is all about drafting Parenting Plans efficiently and accurately. Here's how it works:

1. Create Your Case

You create a case by adding basic case information.

2. Draft Your Document

Next, add the relevant provisions by checking the applicable checkboxes.  You can set default answers so your document will pre-populate the same answers each time. The document will generate based on how you answer the questions.

3. Finalize Your Document

Parenting Plan Builder generates a substantially complete, editable first draft of your parenting plan. You finalize your document, save it and distribute it like you normally do. Just faster.

Here is an example Parenting Plan produced by Parenting Plan Builder which includes some comments about how PPB can be customized.  This is an example from Oregon. is a document automation service for family law attorneys, mediators, court systems and other family law professionals. We work with local family law professionals in your jurisdiction to develop high quality, jurisdiction-specific templates which we then automate.

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